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This is a guide on how to jack up your car properly.



ALWAYS put your vehical in gear and lock your E-brake when jacking your vehical up, and use jack stands.

Jacking PointsEdit

Photos of the jacking points

Rear Jack Point: for use with a floor jack
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

Side jack point, one on each corner. This is where you stick your stock jack. There's four places, one for each tire.
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

If you do not use the side jack points, this will happen
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The front picture is kind of dim. It's right behind the tow point. It is designed for a bottle jack, but a standard or shop floor jack will function just fine.
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Using a Floor Jack Edit

Pictures explaining how to jack up your car with a floor jack

Place wheel chocks in front of vehical
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

The rear jacking point
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

Vehical on jackstands
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

Note: You should use jackstands in pairs and never go further then 2 clicks from the end. Always use the steel reenforced areas of the vehical.

Using a Lift Ramp Edit

Have a buddy ground guide you onto a lift ramp ensure your vehical is centered, use wheel chocks, and lift your vehical up.

Wheel chocks are your friends and they prevent accidents.
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Lift your vehical to the desired hight and then go past that until you hear another set of clicks. The clicking point is where your vehical will settle when fully raised.
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

Lower the lift until it comes to rest on the hard stops (clicks)
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

Should look like this when finished
Sportman1280Added by Sportman1280

When you get to desired hight, go a little higher and then operate the release to let the lift land on the catches.
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When it's time to lower the vehical, lift it up a little, then operatate the catch release and lower the vehical.
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